A Midsummer Night's Star

english bulldog kennel

Warmly welcome!

Our family includes us, our three children and of course our bulldogs babies, without whom we cannot imagine our lives. Everything started in 2010, when Toffee lived with us – non-pedigree dog of the type known as the bulldog. Due to the Toffee's skin problems, we found out the hard way how important it is to buy a dog only from breeding, with documented origin. Taught by experience and in love with these wonderful dogs, a few months later, we decided that another bulldog would join us. And this is the way how Clara lived with us. And from this moment we began our adventure with dog shows and later with breeding. The breeding is our hobby. And we treat it as such - it is not the source of our income - we are still working; puppies in our kennel are born once, sometimes twice a year. There were years that we did not have any puppies at all. We are putting a lot of effort and pour our hearts into what we do, what brings up a lot of emotions  - mostly positive, but sometimes negative as well. Our dogs don't live in kennels - they are full members of our family (which also affects ours furniture, shoes, etc. :) ). We are in good contact with most of the families of our puppies, and we become good friends with many of them :) We are trying our best to give them support, so they know they can always count on us. If you would like to meet our bulldogs and us – you are very welcomed!

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